I tuned my instrument but app won’t recognize my playing

If you come across this problem, don't fear, we have a list of common causes you can go through to help fix the issue:

  • App volume is too high:
    • Try lowering down the volume on Yousician; Yousician needs to hear your playing on top of the music
    • Try using headphones
    • Try playing closer to the microphone
  • Background noise is too loud:
    • Try playing Yousician in quiet space
    • Try using headphones
    • If you are using electric instrument, connect it to Yousician or use amplifier 
  • Timing is off (Android). Installing new operating system or updating Yousician might set timing off
    • Go to audio settings and re-calibrate audio engine
    • Lower down the buffer by one setting in audio settings and re-calibrate. If this does’t help, repeat the previous
  • Amplifier is too loud or distortion is used:
    • Set volume lower
    • Using Clean sound effect will improve recognition of notes and chords

Should these steps not have solved the issue you are experiencing, our customer support team will be happy to help further.

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