How to purchase premium subscription

The best way to learn to play and use Yousician without interruptions is to go premium. 

If you have not tried premium access previously then here’s your chance to try Yousician premium for free. Please tap on the Try premium button under your username in the top left hand corner of the Home screen.

Pick between a single or all instrument trial and follow the prompts on the screen to start the free premium trial.* The free trial can be cancelled at any time before the trial ends. 

Alternatively you can purchase a subscription at any time via Settings --> Profile and tapping on Edit profile or Subscribe options. 

Choose between single or all instrument plans.

Double check you have selected the desired instrument and subscription plan. 

Type in your Yousician account email address and card details and press Start subscription. 


Congratulations your are now a premium Yousician. Now the jamming can really start! 

Please check this article if you already have an ongoing subscription and wish to upgrade.

If the subscription options are not displayed and you are using an iOS device, please check this article.


*Duration of the premium trial may vary. 

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