How to upgrade your premium subscription

If you already have an ongoing premium subscription and would like to purchase an upgrade please click the Upgrade button below your Yousician level and profile picture in the top left corner of any tab. 

The upgrade process varies depending on the original method of subscription. If you purchased a subscription via iTunes under an Apple ID please skip to Subscriptions purchased via iTunes; all Others please check All other subscriptions

All other subscriptions

After tapping on the upgrade button you will see the different upgrade options available for you, similar to the following 

Pick the plan you would like to upgrade to and your profile page will automatically open in your default web browser. Double check the plan and payment details and click Upgrade subscription to finalize the purchase. The remainder of your balance will be prorated towards the new plan.

 You can also upgrade via Settings --> Profile and tapping on Edit profile or Upgrade options. 

Subscriptions purchased via iTunes

An email with upgrade instructions will be sent to the address associated with your Yousician account (please double check your junk folder).

Tapping Upgrade your subscription will open your iTunes store where you can edit your subscription. Double check the plan details, enter your Apple ID password (if requested) and tap Done to finalize the upgrade.


Alternatively you can follow the standard upgrade procedure - you will see all options available for your profile.

(!!)If you follow the standard upgrade procedure and your original subscription was purchased via iTunes, please make sure to cancel your ongoing iTunes subscription after the upgrade. 

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