Testing instrument input (guitar)

Before you can start rocking out, you will need to test that everything is working out correctly.  

First you will need to test your instrument input. Click "Intro & Tuning"

You should see instruction video loading and play automatically. That is our guitar teacher James and he will introduce you to Yousician and show you how to tune your guitar!

If it's not loading or playing click here for troubleshooting 

After the instruction video, test your mic by making some noise. If you have problems with sound check click here

Yousician comes with it's world famous guitar tuna! It's easy and awesome way to get your guitar in tune

Click "no" or "yes" depending if you know how to tune a guitar

Follow the instructions and start tuning your guitar from low E-string by playing it

Tap the auto mode to tune rest of the strings.

Tune the rest of the strings by playing each strings individually and adjusting your guitar stings accordingly.

When your guitar is in tune, continue to "First Session"

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