Testing instrument input (guitar)

Before you can start rocking out, you will need to test that everything is working correctly.  

You should see an introductory video which plays automatically. Our guitar teacher James will introduce you to Yousician and show you how to tune your guitar!

Yousician comes with it's world famous GuitarTuna! It's an easy and awesome way to get your guitar in tune.

After the video, it's time to start tuning your guitar. If Yousician can't hear you play, check here for some troubleshooting steps.

Follow the instructions and start tuning your guitar from low E-string by playing it.

Continue to tune the rest of the strings by playing each string individually and by adjusting the pegs as needed. Once you're done, tap Continue. 

You can access the tuner at any time from the pause menu of any song (both Practice and Play mode). 

You can also access the tuner from the main game play screen. 

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