First session (guitar)

Awesome! Now you are ready for your first session! Click on "Strings & Frets" which is the first mission in Yousician Guitar.

Yousician includes a lot of different tutorials in different forms. Click "Play video" to view the first video tutorial.

If the video is not working click here

Tutorials prepare you for the upcoming exercise. Follow the instructions and replay the videos if needed.

Now you get to play!

In Yousician songs are divided in parts. You can play the whole song or pick a part you want to train. There is a practice mode available under 'Details'.

 Yousician loads all the needed materials so you can play.

 Now you can start playing!

Not sure which string to play? See the article how to read tablature!

What’s the best way to practice? What if I’m finding a song difficult? Check these practice tips

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