PROFILE Settings tab

At the "Profile" tab you can see and edit your Yousician profile settings.

Edit profile: Change your profile details here.

User info: Shows you user name and your Yousician account email address. You can sign out from here simply by clicking "sign out"

Connect to Facebook: Why not to go social and link your profile to Facebook and share it with your friends. Here is how: Click "Link" and press "Okay" when Facebook asks permission to link the profile. To undo this, just press "unlink"

Yousician will use your Facebook profile picture as an avatar image

Subscription status: Click "Go Premium" to get the full potential of the game (see here how to go premium). This also indicates your subscription status.

Show your profile in public searches: make sure the toggle is enabled if you'd like to use the social features and enable other people to follow you.

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