SUPPORT Settings tab

The SETTINGS --> Support tab helps you find information about the app as well as access our Help center. 

Need help? Click Contact support to find our Help center. Browse through the articles to find information relating to the issue you are having. If you are still having trouble, you will find a Submit request at the bottom of every article to contact the Support team. 

Be part of the Yousician community: Tap on Twitter and Facebook to access Yousician social media pages. You can also go to our forum where you can meet other users, engage in discussions, find help and instructions.

App version: Displays current version of the app on your device.

New features: Shows improvements released in the latest update.

Legal information: See licences here.

If you scroll down you will find links to Yousician Terms of Service as well as Privacy policy. 

Please use the Help center and Forum as a primary source for help. If you are still having trouble, please check here how to contact Support.

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