Social (Followers & Following)

To access your Followers and Following sub tabs you must click your username circled in red. 

This is the social overview of users who you are following and would like to compete with as well as users who are following you. 

Followers: Users who follow you (your username is shown on their Leaderboards).

Following: User you are following and are shown on a separate Leaderboard so that you can compare their score with yours.

As an example in the picture above Yousician_User is followed by Yousician_User_2, but does not follow him. 

Follow users

Find friends: It's fun to compete with your friends! Here you can add people to follow. Tap on the magnifying glass in the Following section. 

Simply type in your friend's username and click the Add icon so that it turns green. The user will be listed in the Following tab. 

To unfollow someone in the Following tab simply click on the username and the add icon to turn it back to gray. 

PLEASE NOTE: In order to enable other people to follow you make sure that the "Make your profile private" option is toggled off under SETTINGS-->PROFILE:

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