Setting up your guitar

Yousician guitar works with any real 6-string guitar, be it acoustic, electric or electroacoustic, in standard tuning. 

When using an acoustic guitar, simply place your device in a comfortable place and the microphone of your device will pick up the sounds you produce.

Instructions for setting up an electric or electroacoustic guitar are given below. Setup instructions for iOS and Android devices can be found here.

  • Plug your guitar in.
  • After you plug in using a USB guitar adapter, you need to change the input device (you can change it in Game settings)

If your audio input device does not show up in the game settings menu, please check the "Audio MIDI setup" if using a computer. Please also make sure to turn on some volume to the guitar. You can see if it works by observing the MIC / VU meter while playing the guitar (in the tuner screen).

You can find out more about setting up an electric guitar here.

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