Installing Yousician (Mac, PC, Linux)

If you would like to access Yousician on a Mac, PC or Linux, you can install the desktop version located here

Create an account by filling in your information or sign up with Facebook. If you already have an account click "Log in" below the "create account" button

For Windows:

The file starts to download automatically or asks if you want to save the file depending on a browser. Choose "save"

After the download is finished open the file to install it. You can find your downloaded files with ctrl+j

Follow the instructions

Yousician launcher starts and checks your version etc.

Once it's ready, log in and start playing!

To go fullscreen: alt+enter. 


Installation for Mac:

App starts to download automatically in few seconds.

Open the downloaded file and drag and drop the Yousician Launcher to Applications folder

Open Yousician Launcher

Click "open" when you are asked how do you want to proceed

Launcher opens Yousician app after checking updates.

Log in and start jamming!

 To go fullscreen: cmd+f


For Linux:

1. Download archive from

2. Unpack it to any folder

3. Go to this folder

4. Run “Yousician Launcher” file

Tip: To be able to run Yousician on Linux, you need to make sure the needed library is installed. Follow this link to see which library you need to install. Please note that Yousician is prepared to run on 64 bit versions of Linux only.

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