What is a Guitar Pro file and how to import it

The feature is only available on Yousician desktop (Mac/PC/Linux).
Any difficulties? Check other articles about uploading songs.

You can add your own songs as Guitar Pro files. You can create Guitar Pro files yourself with Guitar Pro program. 

Adding songs is very easy. Here is how to upload them:

Go to Songs tab and press +. 

Choose Upload file

Browse for your Guitar Pro files.  

Choose the track you want to play

Yousician will automatically create the song for you. You can add a backing track to your song and make other edits using Yousician SongCreator

Name the song, artist and pick a genre for the song. You can choose to hide it from public searches as well as prevent others from making copies of the song. 

Press save and that's it; the song will automatically be added under My Repertoire --> My Songs

Supported GuitarPro files: gp3, gp4, gp5, gpx.

Want some tips on how to make sure your Guitar Pro songs sound great in Yousician? Find them here!

Remember to respect copyrights! Please check the following for more information about Yousician Terms of Service.

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