Payment terms

You may access parts of Service(s) for free, and other services and products require payment of subscription and/or other fees.
By choosing to access the paid content and making the payment you authorize us to charge your credit card or other approved payment method for all the costs and charges (including any additional payment processing fees which may be applicable) you incur by choosing to access the paid content. Fees may be based on one-time or renewing payments as more fully described in the Service. If you choose to sign up for an auto-renewable subscription you understand and authorize that your payment will automatically renew at the end of the subscription period, unless you cancel your subscription before the end of the current subscription period, and give permission for such billing transactions to take place. You are responsible for all applicable fees and charges incurred, including applicable taxes, and all subscriptions made by you or by anyone that has used your account(s), including your family members or friends. Please note that we may use a third-party payment processor to facilitate your payments.
 If you make a purchase through a third party application store, including but not limited to the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play Store, or through our Mac, iPhone, iPad applications your purchase will be subject to such third party’s applicable payment policy.

Payment information

To access the paid-for parts of Service(s), you must provide a valid and accepted payment information. If the payment information provided by you is declined for payment of your subscription and/or other fees, you must provide us a new eligible payment information promptly or your access to the paid content may be suspended. The paid-for Service(s) begins as soon as the initial payment has been processed.


When you register for paid-for parts of our Service(s), including any services and products that require payment of subscription and/or other fees, you may be eligible for a trial period without payment or at a reduced rate. This may vary depending on promotions, type of subscription and the term you select at the time of purchase. We reserve the right, in our absolute discretion, to determine your eligibility for a trial. We may require you to provide your valid payment information to start the trial. Unless you cancel your paid subscription prior to the end of the trial period, after the end of the trial period your subscription for such paid-for parts of our Service(s) will automatically continue as a paid-for subscription billed on a recurring basis until you cancel your paid-for subscription (turn off automatic renewal from your account settings or via the Apple iTunes Store or the Google Play Store). If you cancel your paid-for subscription, then your account will only have access to those parts of our Service(s) that you may access for free.

Billing & renewals

Our auto-renewable subscription plans may be billed as one payment for the term (e.g. 1, 3, 6 or 12 months) or in monthly installments charged every month for the duration of the term. The pricing and terms applicable to your subscription may vary depending on promotions, type of subscription and the term you select at the time of purchase.

All subscriptions renew automatically using the payment information you have provided for your account, and as such payment details are updated from time to time. When you purchase a subscription with automatic renewal, you acknowledge and agree that we are authorized to use the payment information for the renewal fee. If your subscription started with a promotion or trial at a reduced rate, your renewal rate may be higher than your initial rate. Auto-renewal of the subscriptions made on our site can be cancelled at any time before the renewal date from your account settings or by contacting our support. Cancelling auto-renewal of the subscriptions made on our mobile apps is bound to the terms and conditions and applicable payment policy the store operator (e.g. Apple Inc.) has set for the purchasing account.

In some cases, your payment billing dates or billing term of your subscription may change if your payment has not successfully settled on the original due date. We will inform you of the billing term change through email.

If you have registered for a paid-for subscription, you may however change your mind and receive a full refund of all monies paid within fourteen (14) days (the “Cooling-off Period”) from your subscription for such paid-for parts of our Service(s) provided that during that Cooling-off Period you have not at any time accessed our Service(s).

Pricing change

Our prices may change in the future. If the pricing for your subscription does change, we will notify you, and provide you an opportunity to review those changes to your subscription. Applying those changes to your account or charging your payment details in connection with an automatic renewal is subject to your approval of the changed pricing.


Except as specifically provided otherwise, any payments are always FINAL and NON-REFUNDABLE, however, without limiting the possibility of a refund (if any) from the application store (in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions applicable to purchases from that application store).


More detailed information on Yousician Terms of Service can be found here.

Disclaimer: please note that in case the Help Center article above in any way differs in certain provisions from the official Terms of Service,  preference is assigned for the official Terms of Service.
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