Chords are not being recognized, although my guitar is tuned

Here's a few tips that you can try to improve the acceptance rate of chords:

1) Make sure you are playing all the correct strings and only those
- e.g. in case of D chord you are supposed to play only four strings instead of letting all six strings ring.

2) Make sure you strum the strings properly
- the high E string is often not heard properly if the strum is not clear enough
- you can avoid this by making sure you strum the thinnest strings with extra attention and using a guitar pick

3) Make sure all the strings make sound properly
- people often damp one or more of the strings unintentionally or then one of the strings is not playing clearly
- You can check this by going through the chord string by string

4) Lower the background music
- if you have the volume level of the device set high this can cause some errors on the recognition
- to test if this is the cause of the problem please lower the volume to approx. 60% or test playing with headphones

We don't currently have any known issues that would cause problems with chord recognition. In case the tips above do not help, please contact our Support so that we can take a closer look at your game data to see what could cause this on your device.

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