Android download problem: failed to install/ update

Please note that Yousician is compatible with Android versions 4.4 and higher.

Please check here how to locate your Android version.

Sometimes Google Play store updates can cause problems with installing and/or updating Android applications - the app download process gets stuck (e.g. showing 97%) and never finishes. Occasionally errors 907 or 963 may pop up because of that too. Please check the solutions below:

1. You may need to clear cache and data of the Google Play Store app on your device:

Go to: SETTINGS --> Applications --> Application manager (or find the Google Play Store in the list) --> Google Play Store app --> Clear Cache, Clear Data

2. It is also possible to uninstall the Google Play updates and roll back the app version to fix the issue:

Go to: SETTINGS --> Applications --> Google Play Store app --> Uninstall updates

3. After that go to the Google Play Store and download Yousician again.

Please also check here for general recommendations for troubleshooting errors 963/907. Normally, solutions explained above should help.

Please also check the Google Play Help Forum post about the problem.

Play Store won't load or download apps

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