Keeping multiple students' data separate

To keep each of your students' data separate, they just need their own accounts and be connected to you as their teacher.

To set this up, login to your dashboard ( and invite your students. Just type in their email addresses one by one and press enter after each email address.

Each student will receive an email with a link to signup and connect with you as their teacher.

If your students already have their own Yousician accounts, please send the email invitations to the email address associated with their existing Yousician accounts. If they don’t have accounts yet, no problem, they can just create one each as part of their signup.

And if your students don’t find the email in their inboxes, please ask them to check their spam folder.

That’s all. Now all your students can practice both at your studio, their data is kept separate, and they can continue to practice between lessons at home as well. And you can see from your dashboard, if they are practicing and how it is going.

Let us know if you or your students experience any difficulties. We’re happy to help.

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