Which paths does Yousician Piano offer?

Yousician Piano offers three paths: Solo Path, Band Path, and Knowledge Path.

The Classical Path focuses on learning and playing songs that work well in a solo piano setting. This includes genres such as classical, singer/songwriter, and piano-driven pop. This path offers a variety of famous classical pieces, as well as Yousician original songs in different styles.

The Pop Path focuses on learning and playing songs that work well in a band setting. This includes genres like rock, blues, reggae, and jazz. The songs in this path are "groove-based," which means you will learn about the chords and rhythms that go with different band styles.

The Knowledge and Creativity Path is Yousician's exciting new addition that teaches you to read sheet music and also to create your own songs. This path includes a series of mini games that teach you a mix of vocabulary, scales, chord training, and many other important tools

Classical path is using the Standard Notation view whereas songs in the Pop path are set to the Coloured Notation for Beginners by default.

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