Practice vs Play mode (Piano)

Practice mode can be accessed by clicking/ tapping Practice button on the song screen. Play mode is accessed by clicking/ tapping Play button on the song screen.

  • Every song in Play and Practice modes starts with a hand position and calibration screen. Play all the notes to start the song. You can also skip the calibration. 

Practice Mode (with enhanced notation)

  • Practice at your own speed with as many tries as you need to master the song
  • Slow down songs or loop specific song parts by moving the arrows to improve your skills
  • Hear what it sounds like by using the synthesizer (toggle on Play for me)
  • Improve your speed with the Auto-speed function
  • Practice one hand only by turning off left or right from the options

Play Mode (with Colored Notation)

  • Play as well as you can to advance to the next task
  • Complete tasks to progress in the game

The amount of 'lives' or 'tries' you have when playing the full song in Play mode is shown in the top left corner of the screen, e.g. 3x, 4x.

If a note is played incorrectly the number goes down, and if the app consistently fails to recognise the sounds played, you will need to try the song again. If you consistently play notes correctly the app adds 'lives' for you up to 5x.

The note and chord colors indicate which finger to use for playing them (e.g. yellow means the pointer finger is supposed to be used).

The line on the bottom of the screen is a progress bar showing your position in a song.

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