First session (piano)

Great, you are ready for your first session! Click “Start Here” which is the first mission in Yousician Piano.

Yousician includes a lot of different tutorials in different forms. Click “Play video” to view the first video tutorial.

Tutorials prepare you for the upcoming exercises. Follow the instructions and replay the videos if needed.

Now it’s time to play! After watching the initial videos, go to your first song “Set Me Free”. Your piano teacher, Leah, will guide you through the first songs.

If video is not loading or playing click here for troubleshooting.

In Yousician, the songs are divided into parts. You can play the whole song or pick a part you would like to practice. Click on the “full song” button to play the complete song, or the name of an unlocked part to play a part.

Yousician will download and load the song so you can play.

Before you begin the song, you will see a screen showing you where to place your hand on the keyboard for the first notes of the song. Play the keys shown on the screen to proceed to the song.

You will see this hand position screen at the beginning of every song.  This makes sure your hand starts off in the correct place.  You need to press down all of the coloured keys on your own piano, then the song should start automatically.  If the key appears pressed down at the bottom, that means Yousician has detected that note.  You may also click “Skip this step” to start the song.

Now you can start playing! Have fun!


What’s the best way to practice? What if I’m finding a song difficult? Check these practice tips

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