How guitar syllabus works

The Yousician guitar syllabus aims to cover everything a modern well-rounded guitarist needs. It can guide you step by step, but also lets you focus on what's important for you.


You'll move through the syllabus by completing missions. Missions are groups of songs, video tutorials, and drills that help you master the skill you should learn.


We've grouped the missions into paths:

  • In the lead path you'll play melodies and solos. It covers picking, legato, bending, speed, and more.
  • In the knowledge path you'll learn about musical alphabet, fretboard, keys & grooves, and will get a chance to train your ears with "Ear trainers".
  • In the rhythm path you'll play accompaniment. It covers chords, strumming, riffs, fingerpicking, and more.

We recommend that you to play all paths to become a well balanced guitarist. Of course, you can change paths at any time, moving between them in your own pace.


We've also grouped the missions into difficulty levels:

  • Level 0 is for complete beginners with no experience.
  • By level 5 you'll have the skills to pick up lots of popular songs with chords, riffs, and melodies.
  • By level 10 you'll be able to master most songs with barre chords, fingerpicking, and solos.
  • By level 15 you'll be playing at a virtuoso level, able to tackle anything you want to play.

Skill Tests

At the end of each level there is a skill test to make sure you've mastered the missions. Experienced players can take these skill tests right away to jump ahead to higher levels.

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