Getting Started

To get started with the SongCreator, simply start an empty song and enter a couple of notes and chords.
1. Go to the Songs tab, tap or click the + button on the upper right hand corner, and then tap or click the Create a song button to start an empty project. 
2. Tap or click on any string and drag rightwards to create a note. When you set it to the desired length, click on the fret number you would like to enter.
When you add a note, you will automatically hear it being played back.

3. In order to add a chord, tap/click and drag rightwards and downwards.
4. When you are done entering notes and chords, tap/click the Play icon on the top pane to play your song.
5. When you are done with the song, tap/click the Save button on the upper right corner. (If you tap/click the Back button without saving, you will lose your changes.) You can pick the song genre and you also have the option to hide the song from public searches and/or prevent others from copying it. Tap/click on Save and the song will automatically be added under My Repertoire --> My Songs
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