Getting Started

To get started with the SongCreator, simply start an empty song and enter a couple of notes and chords.
     1. 1. Go to the songs tab, tap or click the plus button on the upper right corner, and then tap or click the "Create a song" button to start an empty project; first video is out of date.
     2. Tap or click on any string and drag leftwards to create a note. When you set it to the desired length, click on the fret number you would like to enter.
When you add a note, you will automatically hear it being played back.

     3. In order to add a chord, tap/click and drag leftwards and downwards.

     4. When you are done entering notes and chords, tap/click the play icon on the bottom left corner to play your song.

     5. When you are done with the song, tap/click the Save button on the upper right corner to save your song. (If you tap/click the Back button without saving, you will lose your changes.)
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