Let's take a look at the SongCreator. You'll see that it is quite lean and intuitive, and most operations can be done with single clicks or gestures.

      1. Global Controls

Here, you can edit the values for the attributes that effect the whole song: time signature, tempo, and the grid for the tab staff. To edit the values, tap/click on the boxes.


     2. Tab Staff

The tab staff is similar to the tab view you see in our gameplay; the measures are arranged from left to right, and the duration of the notes and chords are represented by their length. Since most of the actual editing will be done on that part of the SongCreator, there are specific tutorials dedicated to all the functionality you can do on the tab staff.


     3. Bottom Pane

In the bottom pane, we have the play/pause button, and the zoom controls. By clicking/tapping the play button, you can listen to the backing track of the exercise (if available), as well as the exercise with MIDI playback.

In addition to these, once you start scrolling to the right in the editor, the global controls move to the bottom pane.


     4. Backing Track Controls

Here, you can add an audio backing track to your song, and synchronise it with your exercise. Use the text box to paste the link to your song file publicly available on SoundCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, or GoogleDrive. Click/tap the check mark to buffer the track. Afterwards, you'll see a "Sync audio" button, clicking/tapping that will synchronise the audio to your exercise.


     5. Top Pane

Apart from the backing track controls, the top pane includes a "back" button to go back to the previous screen, and a "save" button to save your song. Note that, clicking "back" will not save your edits after opening the SongCreator.

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