How to clear cache on Mac OS X

In order to remove Yousician cache files on your Mac machine please follow the steps below:

  1. Open Terminal window (open Finder, then select "Go > Utilities > Terminal").
  2. Copy and paste the following command into your Terminal window:

    defaults delete unity.Yousician.Yousician && rm ~/Library/Preferences/unity.Yousician.Yousician.plist && kill $(ps x | awk '/[c]fprefsd/{ print $1 }') && rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/unity.Yousician.Yousician && rm -rf ~/Library/Caches/unity.Yousician.Yousician/

  3. Press enter and you're done!


If you're not feeling hacker-ish today, here is another description of how to do it manually:

  1. Open the Finder window:
  2. In the Finder, click the "Go" menu in the menu bar:
  3. When you see the drop down from the "Go" menu, hold the "alt/option" key: 
    The Library folder will be shown in the drop down, click on it:

    The library folder will open in a new window, open a folder named "Caches".

    Alternatively, select Go to Folder in the Go menu. The type in ~/Library/Caches and hit enter to proceed to this folder:
  4. In the "Caches" folder you need to delete the folder named unity.Yousician.Yousician.
  5. Go back to the Library folder and then choose "Preferences" folder in Library and delete the file unity.Yousician.Yousician.plist:
  6. Go back to the "Library" folder and then select "Application Support" folder. There, remove unity.Yousician.Yousician folder.
  7. Reboot your machine and launch/install Yousician again.
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