Example setup in a music class

Setting up Yousician for a lesson depends on the size of your class. With one or two students, teachers often have Yousician playing directly on their desktop or tablet so that the student(s) can easily view the screen.

  • Pros. This is an excellent comprehensive learning experience to provide differentiated instruction, tailored to the needs of each student. They receive instant feedback on every note, they can progress at a pace that suits them perfectly, and their individual progress is tracked precisely. You can move from student to student and assist individually while the rest of the class remains engaged.
  • Cons. It requires that most or all students have a device they can run Yousician on, and their own Yousician account.
  • Cost. You can do this with completely free Yousician accounts for each student, with the limitation of restricted play time. Upgrading to premium would provide students with unlimited playtime - including at home, so they can practice effectively between classes.


When teaching groups or classrooms, teachers use a projector or smartboard so that all the students have an unobstructed view.

  • Pros. Lots of fun for the students as they all get to play and learn together, and it’s usually quite simple to set up with existing classroom equipment.
  • Cons. Since they’re all playing together, Yousician can’t provide an individually tailored learning experience (e.g. personalised feedback, progress tracking, pacing, etc).
  • Cost. You can do this with a completely free Yousician account, with the limitation of restricted play time. However, most teachers using this setup upgrade to a premium account, which offers unlimited playtime for a very reasonable yearly fee.


Depending on your experience and preferences there are several ways to utilize Yousician. You can use the built in syllabi of songs and exercises provided by Yousician or tap into the vast amount of exercises created by the Yousician community of educators and learners. If that is not enough, you can also create your own material with the built-in SongCreator feature and upload your own files in GuitarPro and MusicXML formats. This way you can bring in your own expertise and experience and combine them with the benefits of Yousician’s learning platform appreciated by experienced music teachers.

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