I already have a well established training plan. How do I incorporate Yousician?

"I already have a well established and successful sheet training plan using tabs, standard notation, technique instruction and grades. How I would best incorporate Yousician?"

It's great that you have built up all these resources already. Yousician can be a great addition to your existing tools & practices.

Your students wouldn't have to go through the Yousician syllabus - of course they’re welcome to use any or all of it if desired, but if you’re using another syllabus then that’s great too. Instead, the core idea with Yousician is that it’s a massive library of high-quality, engaging, interactive, searchable content, which can be used in a wide variety of ways.

For example, in the Songs tab you’ll find playlists of songs in a wide range of genres and techniques, all organised by difficulty level. This makes it easy to supplement your existing syllabus, and provide plenty of great content for say an intermediate player, or a beginner who needs extra practice. 

We also have weekly challenges, that many teachers use to encourage their students to work hard on and climb the leaderboards; or you can search tons of community uploaded songs. You can also create your own material with the built-in SongCreator feature and upload your own files in GuitarPro and MusicXML formats, to give your students tailored exercises that fit their needs. The Practice Mode with the ability to slow down and loop certain parts of a song is very useful. 

Since all of this content is engagingly presented and gamified, teachers are telling us that their students practice much more regularly and with greater attention to detail than they would with a normal printed page. Also, while we did not expect this, what we have heard many times is that Yousician works like magic with students who might have difficulties concentrating or sitting still otherwise. In group lessons, the social aspect of playing together and going for points and stars at the same time seem to be very motivating.

The best way to explain is perhaps by sharing how we hear other teachers use Yousician and how they incorporate it in their lessons. Matt Poole wrote a short but great article on what he thinks gives most value for his students. You can also converse with other teachers on how they use Yousician with their students in conjunction with their existing material. The YousicianEdu group on Facebook is a great place to do so.

Every teacher uses Yousician in a slightly different way. We are confident you’ll find ways to use it that we haven’t even thought of. So, we’d probably encourage you to just try it as part of your lesson and see how your students react. We'd be delighted to hear what you think.

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