How much does Yousician for Education cost?

Yousician is used in different ways by different educational institutions (e.g., public schools, music schools or private teachers), which come at different price points.

You can get started with YousicianEdu for free or you can upgrade yourself or all your students. Which model is right for you depends on how you teach.

There are two main ways that classroom teachers like to set up Yousician: group play and individual play. Both are great options, and many teachers actually like to do both! Here’s how they work:

1. Group Play. The teacher runs Yousician on a single device (e.g. a phone/tablet/computer connected to a TV/smart board/projector), and the students all play along together as a group.

  • Pros. Lots of fun for the students as they all get to play and learn together, and it’s usually quite simple to set up with existing classroom equipment.
  • Cons. Since they’re all playing together, Yousician can’t provide an individually tailored learning experience (e.g. personalised feedback, progress tracking, pacing, etc).
  • Cost. You can do this with a completely free Yousician account, with the limitation of restricted play time. However, most teachers using this setup upgrade to a premium Yousician account, which offers unlimited playtime for a very reasonable yearly fee.

2. Individual Play. The students play individually, running Yousician on their own devices (e.g. iPads), or sharing devices in very small groups.

  • Pros. This is an excellent comprehensive learning experience to provide differentiated instruction, tailored to the needs of each student. They receive instant feedback on every note, they can progress at a pace that suits them perfectly, and their individual progress is tracked precisely. You can move from student to student and assist individually while the rest of the class remains engaged at all times.
  • Cons. It requires that most or all students have a device they can run Yousician on (e.g. tablet or laptop), and their own Yousician account.
  • Cost. You can do this with completely free Yousician accounts for each student, with the limitation of restricted play time. Upgrading to premium would provide students with unlimited playtime - including at home, so they can practice effectively between classes.

Note: Especially private and music school teachers nowadays like to recommend to their students (or students' parents) to upgrade to Premium instead of buying a book.


Ultimately, getting your students to Premium is better if you want your student to have unlimited practice time, and more. We offer the free option for everyone to get started because we genuinely care and want to make musicality as common as literacy.

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