Do my students have to complete every mission in Yousician syllabus?

Your students can go through as much or as little of the syllabus as you like. Our content is designed to be very flexible, to allow teachers and students the ability to focus on individual needs.

As an example:

  • If you like our syllabus, you can have novice players start at the beginning of the syllabus and guide them through it. You can choose which paths they follow, and when to review and advance.
  • To place experienced students at an appropriate level in the syllabus, you can ask them to take Skill tests (Try to unlock level X in the syllabus). These allow your students to jump ahead to any point, without having to play all the earlier missions.
  • You can choose to supplement the syllabus at any point (or avoid it entirely) by drawing on our massive library of existing content. For example, in the Songs tab you'll find playlists covering a huge range of genres and techniques, all organised by difficulty level. We also have weekly challenges for worldwide competition, plus thousands of community created songs in various styles.
  • You can create or upload your own exercises to Yousician, and give your students exactly what they need. Since all of Yousician content is engagingly presented and gamified, teachers are telling us that their students practice much more regularly and with greater attention to detail than they would with a normal printed page.

If you're using Yousician with your students and you'd like to explore the syllabus in more detail, just let us know. We can unlock it for recognized teachers so you can jump around as you please, and are happy to hear any feedback you may have.

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