Assign homework to students

Once your students have accepted your invitation to the teacher's dashboard (see how to invite students to your dashboard here), you can assign them homework to keep them motivated and engaged between classes.
Choose a student from the list in your teacher's dashboard, then click on the "Actions" button and select "Assign homework".
Alternatively, you can assign homework to a student by clicking on his name, and than select "Assignments" and "Assign homework".
You'll have the option to choose the type of homework between:
  1. collect stars
  2. master a mission
  3. play a song
1. Collect stars
With this homework, you set a target number of stars for the student to collect while practicing.
This is useful in encouraging self-directed practice, i.e. the student needs to put in effort to earn the stars you assign, but they can do so with any song or exercise they choose.
You can choose 50, 100, 200 or 500 stars. You can include an optional message to your student in the 'Notes' field. Your student will see this note alongside the assignment inside their Yousician app.
The "collect stars" homework will take into consideration all stars the student will earn while practicing, not only the "new" stars for each song or exercise. For example: if a student has achieved two silver stars in a song in the past, and then achieves three stars while practicing, a total of 3 stars will be counted towards the "collect stars" homework (not only 1).
2. Master a mission
With this homework, you ask the student to collect all stars for all tasks in a mission. They don't have to be gold stars, as silver stars are enough. Yet the student has to get at least 3 silver stars in all parts in all tasks in the mission.
This is great for encouraging a student to put in the effort and attention to detail required to perfect a skill from the syllabus.
You can choose any mission that is within reach for the student, i.e. unlocked missions and skill tests. Once a student passes a skill test, all missions up to that content are unlocked, and thus can be assigned as homework.
To assign a mission, first choose the category, e.g. lead or rhythm in the case of guitar.
Then you can choose the specific mission you'd like to assign. You can include an optional message to your student in the 'Notes' field. Your student will see this note alongside the assignment inside the Yousician app.
Note that if you assign a mission that the student has already previously completed (i.e. they have already at least 3 silver stars in all parts in all tasks), that will show right away as 100% complete. You can also assign more than one mission at once.
3. Play a song
With this homework, you ask the student to practice a specific song.
This is ideal when you'd like a student to work on a particular song, whether from the syllabus, the "Songs" tab, or your own song or exercise (see how to upload your songs or exercises to Yousician here).
Start writing the song you want and the list will automatically update; Choose how many times you'd like the student to play it, and include an encouraging note. If you want to assign multiple songs, you can also search for another song and select it before confirming the assignment.

When you assign a homework to a student, that will appear in their Yousician app and they will get a push notification on their mobile device. 

You'll be able to track their progresses, or even remove the assignment by clicking on the "trash bin" (note that this will remove the assignment right away, without prompting a confirmation).
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