View the student's progress

Once the student shows in your dashboard (see how to invite students to your dashboard here), you can check their progress and their status.
Dashboard - Student overview 
Each student that accepted your invitation has their own little summary in the overview. Let's see which information you have right away available. 
Student Info
You can see here the student's username, their level, their profile image. You can also see if they have homework assigned, and if they are done with those or not (status can be "no homework", "unfinished homework" or "all homework on track").
Practice Time
Here you can track how much the student has practiced in the past 7 days.
  • No bar means the student hasn't practiced.
  • An orange bar means the student has practiced less than 15 minutes that day.
  • A yellow bar means the student has practiced less than 30 minutes (but more than 15) that day.
  • A green bar means the student has practiced 30 minutes or more that day.

In the example, the student has practiced more than 30 minutes on Friday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday; less than 15 minutes on Wednesday; no practice at all on Saturday and Sunday.

The icons indicate which instruments the student is currently learning.
By clicking on the "Actions" button, a different menu will pop up and you will be able to:
  • assign homework to that student
  • edit the name of that student (that will only effect how the student will be displayed in your dashboard, and it is thought so that you can easily recognise students with very elaborated usernames - for example a student whose username is "kingofguitar1234" can be displayed in your dashboard as "tim")
  • remove that student from your dashboard
  • add instrument to that student

If you click "Cancel" you'll return to the list of students.

Student syllabus progress
When clicking on a student, you get to see their progress on the syllabus. 
If you are having trouble finding the student you are looking for, start typing their name on the search bar and then select the right student from the results.
You can navigate one student's syllabus as if it were your own. You can see their progress in the single missions and tasks, as well as how many stars they achieved in every part of each song.
In the same view, you can also access the homework assigned to the student. Just click on the tab to see the homework that student has assigned and their progress on them. You can check this article to see how to assign homework to students.
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