Using YouTube video as backing track

If you already know how to add and/or replace backing tracks, you are ready for the next step: YouTube! If you want to use your YouTube video as backing track to the song you are creating, this is how you can do it:

1. Copy the link from the video you want to use


2. Go to the Yousician SongCreator either by creating, uploading, or editing the song you would like to add a video to. Tap/click on Tap here to add your backing track option and paste or type the link to the text box in the screen that opens. 

Yousician will process the audio and show it as waveform. When you're done with the song, just save it and the YouTube video will play automatically when you play the song.


You can also have SongCreator create the exercise for you; simply tap/click on the Add song from button and paste or type the address to the link you would like to use and tap/click Submit. Follow the screen prompts to save the exercise and get ready to play.


Remember to respect copyrights! Please check the following for more information about Yousician Terms of Service.

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